rsync over ssh question

Bart Boelaert bart.boelaert at
Sat Apr 12 01:06:56 EST 2003


I'm trying to make rsync work over ssh. I've read several possibilities how
to do this, but I haven't succeeded so far. Here's what I want to accomplish

Internet server <==== SSH Tunnel over the Internet ==> Firewall
<-----rsync ----> Backup server
(rsync & SSH client)                                 (SSH server)
(rsync daemon)

In plain text :
- I want to set-up a SSH tunnel over the Internet to connect to a firewall
onto which an SSH daemon is running
- Through the SSH tunnel I want to send rsync traffic to a backup server,
sitting behind the firewall and running
  rsync in daemon mode

Here is the command I tried to use :
rsync -e "ssh -p 1142 -l sshuser [firewallip] -" -av --progress --delete -z
./ rsyncuser@[backupserverip]:testdir

This gives me a bash error on "-" after I successfully logged on to the ssh
server. I verified that the rsync daemon is running correctly. No firewall
rules are blocking rsync traffic from the firewall to the backup server.

Can somebody provide me the correct syntax?

Thanks in advance!


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