File size limitations?

Nigel Barker nigelb at
Thu Apr 10 22:46:55 EST 2003


I'm running rsync 2.5.6 protocol version 26 on solaris 8.

I have a local software RAID array, plus a mounted netapp fileserver, and am
looking to replicate the contents of the netapp mount on the RAID array.

I run a cronjob each night, with lines like :-

/usr/local/sbin/rsync -ar /netapp/all/projects /backup/vol0/  >>
/tmp/rsync_log.txt 2>&1

Looking at the log files, I get warnings :-

delete_file: rmdir(projects/src/PDF/ExtractText/lib/AIX) : File exists
rsync: symlink "projects/src/PDF/ExtractText/lib/AIX" -> "aix": File exists

(which I believe the --delete option will fix)

But I also get messages like :-

readlink staff/ex_staff/mickie_mouse.tar.Z: Value too large for defined data

>From a command prompt, I am able to cp mickie_mouse.tar.Z (on the mounted
netapp) to the local RAID array, and indeed rsync seems to have copied the
file successfully as well.

Anyone have any clues whether this is a faulty error message, or if there is
actually something going wrong which I may not have spotted yet?

Many thanks

Nigel Barker

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