WARNING: rsync mirror is erased when remote HD-dies

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Sat Apr 5 21:20:07 EST 2003

wilhelm.moser at demos.at wrote:
> Hello,
> this is the excerpt from the rsync_backup.sh
> # OK the filesystems should be mounted
> # lets start the rsync process
> rsync -arlpogtDvx --delete --force /mnt/nfs_mirror_src

-a = -rlptgoD, so you can shorten that to -avx

If nothing is mounted on /mnt/nfs_mirror_src, then of course it will look
like an empty directory, and rsync will empty /mnt/nfs_mirror_dest to match.

You are aware that using NFS prevents rsync's remote-update algorithm from
giving you any benefits, aren't you?

Keeping one single backup is risking dataloss even without this particular
case. Maybe you could use the linked incremental backup approach?

Alternatively, I vaguely remember some patches that enforced a maximum limit
on the number of files to delete in one rsync run. Kind of a kludge, though.


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