WARNING: rsync mirror is erased when remote HD-dies

wilhelm.moser at demos.at wilhelm.moser at demos.at
Sat Apr 5 20:10:41 EST 2003


I faced a problem with rsync-ing like this

server blue 3-HD's as Linux Sofware-RAID 0 (striping) - Webserver EXT3
server green 3-HD's as Linux Sofware-RAID 0 (striping) - Backupserver EXT3

During the rsync-2.4.6-13 process one of the HD's on blue died. Though
rsync decided to remove the mirrored directories from green (the
This process resulted in a partial loss of Data. (With an 120 GB mirror no
further Backup exists)
Any suggestions to avoid that?


bye willi moser

wilhelm.moser at demos.at

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