Rsync hangs

Mike Winfrey Mike at
Sat Apr 5 07:04:51 EST 2003

I have rsync server installed on a Win2k server and a remote rsync
client that is also a Win2k server.  This configuration has been working
for several weeks now without any problems. I have a batch file
scheduled to run each night to send updates to the rsync server and it
normally takes about a half hour to run. Earlier this week, the job
didn't finish.  The job started but it hung at "building file list ...
Done". I stopped the job and ran it from a dos session and it ran just
fine.  However, I think I was just lucky because I've tried it several
more times and haven't been successful.  However, I can run shorter jobs
and everything behaves just fine.  

I compared the contents of the source and destination and find a
difference of about 20 files as far as the quantity goes. So, I know
that someone didn't dump a bunch of stuff out there.

Any ideas what I should look at.

Mike Winfrey

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