Ordering file listing

Pascal Schelcher schelcher at vecteurplus.com
Fri Sep 27 13:13:00 EST 2002

The only way I found is to list the order on the command line like this :

rsync -r[OTHER OPTIONS] ./dir1 ./dir2 ./dir3 ./dir4 remote::rsync/

where my tree is composed by 4 directories (dir1 to dir4) and some files 
  in its root.

But the file in the root can't be processed...

Anyone has another idea ?


Pascal Schelcher wrote:
> Hello,
> When Rsync synchronize a directory tree, it seems to read files in
> alphabetical order.
> Is there any way to modify this order (in one rsync command) ? Or force 
> a pre-defined order ?
> Thanks,
> Pascal.

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