pulling data from the server

tim.conway at philips.com tim.conway at philips.com
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David:  Your commandline is in the "listing" form.  If you add a 
destination to the line, files will actually be copied.
     o    for listing files on a remote machine. This is done the
          same  way  as rsync transfers except that you leave off
          the local destination.

     Note that in all cases (other than listing) at least one  of
     the source and destination paths must be local.

     See the file README for installation instructions.

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User Commands                                            rsync(1)

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David Bigagli -Bokis- <david.bigagli at caspur.it>
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09/25/2002 02:37 PM

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        Subject:        pulling data from the server

Hi all,
      I have started the rsync in deamon mode. When I use the following

rsync --port 9876 u018::treeA

it seems to work fine but no files are copied from the server.

Using rsync without the deamon works fine.

I tried to debug it a little bit, but I am unable to figure out what's

337:david at u050 /export/treeA> rsync -r -vvv --port 9876 u018::treeA
opening tcp connection to u018 port 9876

receiving file list ... 
received 2 names
drwxr-xr-x        512 2002/09/25 15:20:18 .
-rw-r--r--          9 2002/09/25 15:20:18 a
recv_file_list done
get_local_name count=2 <NULL>
recv_files(2) starting
generator starting pid=197 count=2
generate_files phase=1
recv_files phase=1
generate_files phase=2
recv_files finished
wrote 63 bytes  read 74 bytes  274.00 bytes/sec
total size is 9  speedup is 0.70
_exit_cleanup(code=0, file=main.c, line=925): about to call exit(0)

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much.


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