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jakub troszok troszok at
Fri Sep 20 15:39:00 EST 2002

as long time rsync user i was lately thinking
about how i could use more the rsync at my work.

I would like to synchronise one directory on my local computer
with distant computer. I would like it to work in almost real time.
Every time i make a modification locally it should be transferred
to the remote side, and if i do it remotely it should be transferred
to local computer. Of course it's possible that local computer
is behind firewall, so i cannot initiate the connection from remote
computer to the local one.
I was thinking about using rsync with ssh so i connect to
remote side and do synchronisation, after synchronisation -
i wouldn't disconnect but i would wait for the sync request.

On both sides i could use dnotify or fam. On almost all
operating systems we have a mechanisms that
can tell us when a file or directory has changed
it's contens. After the initial synchronisation
rsync process would stay asleep waiting to be woken
up by the other side sending sync request trough
the socket or the local dnotify-like mechanism.

Is anybody working on something like this ?
or maybe there is already some tool similar
to rsync that i could use for this purpose ?

kind regards,

...{.kuba.troszok.}-[troszok at]...

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