rsync and cygwin on win XP freeze/hanging

Brian Mathis bmathis at
Fri Sep 20 03:25:00 EST 2002

I am running rsync under cygwin on a winXP pro system.  Cygwin is the most
recent version (1.3.12-2) and rsync 2.5.5 protocol 26.

It seems that almost %50 of the time, rsync hangs after the last file is
done syncing.  When it's hung, I can press ctrl-c, and an error message:
    rsync error: received SIGUSR1 or SIGINT (code 20) at rsync.c(229)
pops out.  It does not exit, however, and I must kill the process using
task manager.

I am syncing a few directories to my backup hard drive, which is local.
There's no remote network access going on that I know of.  Using tcpview
from, I can see that when a process "hangs", its ports
are still open.  When I get a clean exit, all ports are closed.

I ran it a few times with strace, and the ones that got stuck seemed to be
in a loop and calling "select" a lot.

I've been more successful in reproducing the problem when the commands are
inside a .bat file or in a .sh file which I've associated with bash.exe.
When I just double-click on the file, it seems to hang quite often, but I
haven't yet been able to get it to hang when running it from the cygwin
bash prompt.

I've found quite a few messages talking about hanging problems, but none
of the answers have helped me.


Brian Mathis
Direct Edge

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