rsync not reporting perm/owner diffs in dryrun

Mark Santcroos marks at
Thu Sep 19 12:30:59 EST 2002

Some months ago I posted patches on this list for rsync so that rsync in
dryrun mode would report if there were permission/owner diffs.

This was never picked up.

I still think this is really a major issue and should be taken care of.

Can the list please reach consensus about what the desired behavior would
be? I will 'volunteer' to implement it (again) then.

* What should rsync report for these diffs in dryrun mode?
* Should it be reported in the normal verbose mode or only in more verbose 
  mode?  (I would say normal mode)
* What should be reported in normal mode (so not-dryrun)?
* Any other related issue people come up with ...


Mark Santcroos				RIPE Network Coordination Centre		New Projects Group/TTM

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