Using rsync for two-waz-synchronisation

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rsync isn't the tool for this job.  The best-suited tool (aside from a 
distributed filesystem) is unison, available at
Good luck.

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is there any way to use rsync for two-way-syncronisation? I want to use 
it to keep the data on two hosts consistent. Sometimes one of this hosts 
(sometimes the first, sometimes the second) changes its location.
If the two hosts are at the same location I want automatically rsync them.
The data only changes at one hosts but it is not defined on which host 
it changes.
For example:
I have this structure on host 1:

If rsync from host 1 to host 2, host2 has the same structure.
This are my options:
rsync -e "ssh -1" -a --delete --exclude "lost+found" /somepath 

If I create a file on host 1 and run rsync again the file is also on host 
But: If I create a file on host 2 and run rsync on host 1 the file is 
deleted on host 2. If I use -u instead of --delete files that changed on 
host 2 are not overwritten but they are also not copied to host 1.

I want to have the same files on both hosts by running rsync as cronjob 
on one host.

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