Hardware - no way -Re: Crashes maybe due to: "error writing 4 unbuffered bytes"

Trevor Marshall tm at well.com
Mon Sep 9 01:04:01 EST 2002

Dear JW,
I spent hours checking and upgrading my hardware. There is nothing wrong
with it. It is a 'mature' Pentium-II 400MHz system that has been running my
servers WITHOUT ANY CRASHES for nearly 2 years now 24/7

Listen to me: "The crashes are dues to rsync"

There is an IDENTICAL report from a totally different source at 


Oh - except he was Running Red Hat linux - so don't go blaming SuSe.

Appreciate you trying to help, but I didn't come down in the last
rain-shower :-)


>If running rsync crashes your (non-MS) server you have a
>problem with the server, not rsync.  On a linux system
>application caused system crashes are either bad hardware or
>kernel bugs.
>Unless you have tweaked out SuSE i would say you have a
>hardware problem.  Rsync will stress some parts of the
>system so that is probably why you haven't had crashes
>Look in the system logs.  The pipe errors seem more likely
>to be cause by bad memory than disk.
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