rsync process never finishes

Tue Sep 3 23:54:00 EST 2002

Thanks for the suggestion.
Removing the -vv didn't help but I was able to narrow the problem down to
one particularly large directory.
rsync'ing individual subdirectories is working but is very cumbersome.
Is there a consensus on what the best way to deal with this?
I don't think memory usage is an issue, the server has 6 Gigs of ram and
only 350 megs in use durring the process.

Jake Davis

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 Try taking out the -vv options

 Tomasz Ciolek

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 11:23:34AM -0400, JDAVIS at MARASCONEWTON.COM wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a Debian 3.0 machine from which I initiate rsync connections
> ssh to winNT/2k boxen, where sshd is running as a service, to grab files
> from the windows machines.
> I don't get any error from either side of the connection. The directory I
> indicate is transferred as well as every sub directory, just not any of
> files in the sub directories. The process seems to be running but it's
> getting anything done past the directory structure and the 2 files that
> located in the top level directory. Doesn't appear to be permission's
> related. I've been searching through various email archives all weekend
> without being any closer to an answer, any help is much appreciated.
> On the Linux box I have: openssh_3.4p1-5, rsync-2.5.6cvs
> On the NT side I have: cygwin-1.3.12-4, openssh-3.4p1-5 rsync-2.5.5-1
> The command is -
> # rsync -avv user at winntbox:/cygdrive/d  /backup/
> Jake Davis
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