rsync HFS+/Darwin patches + Darwin link error

Jason Smith smithja at
Tue Sep 3 20:22:01 EST 2002

	I've been using the rsync version available at: for a while now, but am 
seeing the same bugs the rest of you are regarding broken pipes, and it 
has become a showstopper here.

	The branch above adds resource fork and Finder metadata support for 
HFS+ on Darwin... but not the current patches available here, which I'd 
like to test.

	What can be done to help facilitate integrating these changes to 
the main tree?  It would be extremely nice to be able to track the main 
development transparently, without having to continually reapply the 

	I have a 2.5.5-derived patch available that patches and compiles 
cleanly with the 8/8/02 TOT.  (BTW, any reason why the nightly directory 
on ftp stopped updating on that date?)

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