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I have been doing some reading of the rsync technical report, rsync man
page, and the rsync web site, and I have learned allot, but having a high IQ
does help.  I have read the rsync, and rsyncd.conf man pages in regards to
the switches, settings, etc., and summized that rsync is specifically
designed for copying files between Unix kernel systems, regardless of
flavor, platform, or version.  I finally found the verification for this on
the web site after having made this deduction.

I learned that rsync was developed as a replacement for rcp so as to
increase the effeciency of transfers by reducing the amount of data that
needs to be transmitted over a network, either public, or private, to
synchronize a file repository on multiple machines.

Now what I am noticing is that in addition to Unix systems, rsync is being
used to transport files to, and from dissimilar platforms, i.e. Novell, and
Microsoft.  Unfortunately the filesystems between some of these platforms is
not compatible with others, and can have strange effects, as we have
recently experienced with the change in time due to DST.

Now that we have seen one problem, and I can identify a few others, I am
making this request a second time, though it will be the final time, before
I go with an alternate solution, which will result in several changes.

I am looking for others to help in developing Win32, and Win64 versions of
rsync which will implement some additional functionality to extend the
compatibility with Unix filesystems.  Even if you cannot provide assistance
with programming, or technical expertise, but want to offer financial
assistance to offset the costs involved in purchasing additional libraries,
or even suggestion for additional functionality, PLEASE feel free to do so.

Now that I have got the ball rolling, hopefully, maybe a few of you will
lend a hand in this project, otherwise, things may not comebe as others
would like it, i.e. a free Win32/Win64 Service for Microsoft platforms.

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