important caveat with Rsync on NT and dayligt savings time

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Hi Wolfe,
This problem definitely (ouch) also occurs for FAT32 filesystems.

I discovered the one-hour problem rsyncing to backup files on my WinXP/cygwin system to a Linux box in a different time zone, using ssh and rsync 2.5.5.  The files on my WinXP system were on a FAT32 partition.  Both systems have the correct "date -u" UTC time, checked from a bash shell.  So it seems to me that cygwin "knows" the correct local time, but somehow cygwin/Windows are screwing up the file times.  Unfortunately I don't know have the expertise to pin down where the error is occurring in any reasonable timeframe.

I'd be happy to help fix the problem, but really just don't know where to look.  Should we perhaps contact the cygwin maintainers?

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·       Subject: RE: important caveat with Rsync on NT and dayligt savings time 
·       Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:50:50 -0800 


The short answer is the DST issue affects volumes using the NTFS filesystem.

The long answer is contained in the Windows KB article that was posted.

I am looking at a solution for this problem, along with a few other issues,
but the solution is a few months off from now.


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