Issues with ownership and group

Tripp Lilley tlilley at
Thu Oct 31 02:52:01 EST 2002

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002, Remington I, Scott (S.M.) wrote:

> I've tried rsync with --numeric-ids and -gop (amongst other options)
> and experimented with some other things, but can't seem to get my
> files back to host A with the original owner and group.

The receiving side must be run as root in order to set the ownership. The
way to deal with this is to run rsync in daemon mode on the receiving side
with proper access controls configured, then, if you must have encrypted
transport, open up an SSH tunnel from your sender to the non-root user on
your receiver, and have that tunnel forward locally to the rsync daemon.

At least, that's what I know at this point :) Perhaps someone more guruly
will have a better technique :)

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