Issues with ownership and group

Remington I, Scott (S.M.) sreming1 at
Thu Oct 31 02:46:00 EST 2002

I'm using rsync to backup files from host A to host B.
host A is running Solaris 2.6 with rsync 2.3.1
host B is running Solaris 7 with rsync 2.5.5

host A runs as root and syncs to host B through OpenSSH 3.4p1 to a non-root user on host B.

If I bring a file back from host B to host A, I find that the original owner has been changed from whatever it was on host A to the non-root user on host B.

I've tried rsync with --numeric-ids and -gop (amongst other options) and experimented with some other things, but can't seem to get my files back to host A with the original owner and group.

Please help.

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