upload to rsync server syntax problems

N. Thomas nthomas at cise.ufl.edu
Thu Oct 31 01:04:00 EST 2002

* N. Thomas <nthomas at cise.ufl.edu> [2002-10-30 18:04:24 -0500]:
> What I'm trying to do: upload files from my local machine to an rsync
> server running on a remote host.
> What I don't know: syntax on how to do this.
> I thought think that the syntax for uploading to the remote machine would
> simply be:
>     rsync -azv --delete srcdir rsync://user@remote.machine.com:12923:blah

After much digging with certain keywords, I found the correct syntax:

    rsync -azv --delete orig --port 12923 user at remote.machine.com::blah


N. Thomas
nthomas at cise.ufl.edu
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