important caveat with Rsync on NT and daylight savings time

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That's actually a very good suggestion. First I figured that in this way
files changed within the hour after creation would be ignored, but they
probably represent a very small minority anyway.
On the other hand, this does not really rectify the situation, but will
allow us to postpone the real sync again until, let's say a holiday, where
we have plenty of time to sync.


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On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 09:06:26PM +0100, bart.coninckx at wrote:
> No matter what my understanding's like: the timestamps on the files
> after last weekend, resulting in a mismatch between source and
> files. I've changed the clock to a timezone one hour ahead to compensate,
> did a "F5" in a particular folder and miraculously the timestamps
> along with one hour. Unfortunately, it was already too late for a lot of
> files ...

In your situation you might want to use --modify-window=3600
and each night either reduce the window or apply it to fewer
files.  That way you can spread the load.

You'll need to do this again in April 8-(

Holloween came early for you.

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