important caveat with Rsync on NT and dayligt savings time

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Tue Oct 29 18:49:00 EST 2002


just a small warning about something that has, like we experienced just
last weekend, great consequences.
We rsync more than 20 Netware servers through a mapping on an NT machine to
central Rsync destination servers (also NT). Last weekend our clock changed
to Daylight Savings Time. It appears that NT changes the file stamps on
NTFS volumes accordingly (Q129574 on their suppor site). This means that
from Sunday 00:00 AM on, all files on the dest. serves had a timestamp of
one hour less than their original counterparts (Netware, which leaves the
timestamps alone). The result is that the syncs have been busy for the last
2 days trying to catch up and hence we don't have a backup for the moment.
Microsoft calls it a "feature", I call it poor programming.

You've been warned.

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