rsync with large gzip files.

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Tue Oct 29 05:14:01 EST 2002

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 12:12:04PM +0800, Leaw, Chern Jian wrote:
> The gzipped files have their sizes ranging from 250MB- 500MB. In the 17GB

When we refer to large file support it means files larger
than 2GB.

> You mentioned about issues with mount options in AIX and large file problems
> with HPs. I was wondering if you could provide some background to such
> problems which would be contributing to such problems? 

Look in the archives.

> Also, would the larger blocksize eliminate such problems with the large
> g-zipped files, hence there would not be a need to have version 2.5.5?

Your files aren't that large.  A larger blocksize may improve
performance and help avoid a completely unrelated issue.

If you want help with a bug you will need to ugrade.  Much
of the time when a bug is encountered on older versions it
has already been fixed.  Upgrading is likely to cause the
bug to disappear.  If you do have a bug you would need to
upgrade to current or CVS and build your own binaries in
order to apply the fix.

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