Win32 Version?

Nitin Agarwal nitin.agarwal at
Mon Oct 28 07:45:00 EST 2002

I have used the rsync.exe (precompiled binary) from the net.
I installed rsync as service in Windows NT server using SRVANY and INSTSRV.

Further whenever i logoff and logon again, and go to services windows, I still
see RSYNC service as running. (whereas as soon as i logoff, the rsync daemon on
this server stops working.)

I checked the application (rsync.exe) using TASK Manager... it was running prior
to logging off, but is not running after I logoff and logon again.

I have analysed it like: whenever I log off, all the applications are also
closed, hence closing rsync.exe as well., and if I can prevent this application
to be closed when I log off, I am done.

Please Suggest....!!!!!
Nitin Agarwal

wolfe-mcse at wrote:

> Howdy...
> I am going to take a stab at this in regards to the problems that you are
> experiencing.
> I am going under the presumption that the source code was compiled to an EXE
> using the GNU-WIN compiler.  This is the same source code that is used for
> Unix, Linux, or any one of number of different platforms, and was designed
> to be platform independent.
> Under that presumption, the EXE is NOT a Windows Service, as it makes no
> calls to the Windows API, whereby it registers itself as a service.
> Otherwise, it would be platform specific, and thereby could not be compiled
> on a different platform without modification.
> I am not sure how you are determining that rsync is still running, but it
> would be my guess that you are logging into the machine locally, and
> checking in that manner.  If this is the case, there are utilities that are
> much better at checking remote processes that are not furnished by
> Microsoft.
> Richard

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