rsync -e ssh does not work well

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Fri Oct 25 17:28:00 EST 2002

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Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: rsync -e ssh does not work well
> >
> > rsync -trvuz   file.wrk uname at servername::uname-html
> > works, but
> > rsync -trvuz  -e ssh  file.wrk
> > uname at servername:public_html/
> > does not.
> >
> The version of rsync on you laptop 2.4.6? is quite old
> many bugs have been fixed since.  Normally we would
> you start by upgrading to the latest version, either
2.5.5 or
> CVS.  Supporting obsolete bugs is a pain.
I made clear progress after  installing a newer version.
The laptop is now in someone else's use, but
I installed rsync on my desktop
following Robert Scholten's minmalist approach- page
The version coming from his page is
2.5.1 and the protocol version is 25.

rsync251-2.exe  -trvuz   file.wrk
uname at servername:public_html/
rsync251-2.exe  -trvuz -e ssh file.wrk
uname at servername:public_html/

seem to do the same, because there was a setup file
that sets RSYNC_RSH to SSH.EXE

The ssh also came from Robert Scholten's
pages here and might be a reason, who knows.

It seems to work, since sshd logs the event in the server.
I cannot see any other log records,
especially not in the normal rsyncd.log of the Linux
The fact is that the file is  really transferred. Some
should actually  be made to confirm that it really
is the ssh protocol, but I am positive.



Unfortunately I did not yet find any log in windows and I
not pipe the resulting tty lines in NT window.

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