rsync -e ssh does not work well

Kauko Heikkila Kauko.Heikkila at
Fri Oct 25 09:43:22 EST 2002

Thanks for the answer. I fully appreciate.

And in a way I admit what you said,
but if you think of the command

rsync -trvuz   file.wrk uname at servername::uname-html

what it does,  then according to my logic

rsync -trvuz  -e ssh  file.wrk uname at servername:uname-html

should do exactly the same thing. Another thing would be
to say, that it originally is not realizable in this
and why not?

Otherwise there is reconsideration of my perl
procedures not made  by me. And same with the directories
that should only be known at the server side, not the
side, according to my logic. Perhaps I am wrong again,
but currently cannot understand  why I should tell all  the
clients if I want to change something in
the server. Using rsync again for this purpose, perhaps.
-All right, adding symbolic links to Linux and slashes
to the procedures.
But it is not that beautiful any more....-
I might do that, but currently I am not contented with the
nonsymmetric behaviour of rsync....I will start studying
port forwarding soon......and use rsync in that way if it


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> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 09:44:38PM +0300, Kauko Heikkila
> > 1.From SuSe Linux Enterpise server to another one:
> > rsync -trvuz  -e ssh  file.wrk
uname at servername:uname-html
> > works wierdly since file.wrk changes
> > to a file named uname-html in the user's "uname" home.
> It did as you told it. try
> rsync -trvuz  -e ssh  file.wrk
uname at servername:uname-html/
> if you want to put file.wrk inside the directory
> otherwise if you provide one file for the source and what
> appears to be a file as the destination...
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