Howto to control rsync through cron

Thomas Chung tchung at
Thu Oct 24 19:53:01 EST 2002

Try wrapping your rsync around script thats has some sort of lock 
file mechanism

[ -f /var/tmp/rsync_is_running ] && exit 0
[ -f /var/tmp/rsync_is_running ] || touch /var/tmp/rsync_is_running &&
rsync -avz --delete rsyncsrv1::ftp/  /export/ftp/

or something like that.

CAD/SysAdmin Manager wrote:
> Hi,
>   I have setup a cron job to rsync files between two servers every hour.
> 30 * * * * rsync -avz --delete rsyncsrv1::ftp/  /export/ftp/
>   This works fine most of the time, but if I have a very large file that
> needs to be transfered ( many tens of MBs), I run into a problem. Since the
> link between my two servers is slow, it can take more than an hour to
> complete the rsync transfer. So at the end of the hour, when the next rsync
> job is started by cron, the big file transfer gets aborted and a new
> transfer is started. Due to this the big file transfer never gets
> completed.
>   I have tried to increase the time between successive cron jobs, but that
> is only a temporary fix untill I run into an even bigger file which causes
> the new settings to fail. Is there a way I can control this behaviour, and
> avoid this looping ?
>   Thanks & regards,
> --
> Derric Lewis
> CAD/System Administrator
> Virtual IP Group, Inc.

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