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Thu Oct 24 12:40:59 EST 2002

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 01:55:58PM +0200, Philipp W. wrote:
> Hi!
> I'mn quiet new to rsync... i'm usig it for making bakups over internet.
> What i'd like is to add  som other output-possibilities...

Boy, everybody and his brother are doing this now!

> What's in my interest is, how many bytes are transferred and how long it
> needed.
> So i've written myself  the -Hr option to get --stats output
> formated in a better readable way (in Mb or Gb) like ls -lh
> does...
> Sad that -h is already taken as it seems to be the standart for "human
> readable"...
> So is ther someone else who wants this implemented, or
> shouild i keep this changes for my own?
> Can somebody help me how to send there changes to csv?
> i've never done this before

One consideration is that in doing this you will be loosing
information.  It would be better to post-process the logfile.
I tend toward thinking this falls under the category of bloat.
I'd rather put off little changes to the log format in favour
of a complete rewrite of that portion as has been discussed
in the past.

If you feel you must add this option call it
--human-readable like ls and other GNU tools or
--human-readable-stats.  The single letter options are
already overloaded.

As for creating patches the best bet is to get the cvs
sources and after making your changes run
	 'cvs diff -ub > ../some_name.patch'
If you keep a copy of the pristine tree you can confirm your
patch works by applying it to the pristine copy.

Be sure to preserve the coding practices already in the
file, including the use of tabs.

Send your patch as text/plain, either as an attachment or
in-line with a description at the top.  Be careful of your
mailer.  You are using LookOut! it will probably mangle the
tabs and newlines if you aren't careful.  I would suggest
you try sending the patch to yourself first to make sure
your mailer doesn't mess it up.  I haven't looked, the rsync
faq might have some instructions regarding this, if not there
are some pointers at
that will apply to most free software projects.

Don't forget to update the yodl file(s).

Even if your patch isn't accepted having a patch file will
help you to apply the change to newer versions of the source
at a latter date.

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