Using rsync for backup trashes st_atime

Jan-Benedict Glaw jbglaw at
Thu Oct 24 10:17:00 EST 2002


I've just tried to do a backup of a machine with rsync. While doing this
(I was reading emails:-) I noted that mbox for mbox, I had no longe new
mails, but I've never read off these mailboxes lately... This seemed to
be a st_atime problem, and indeed, I could verify that. This is what I
used for backup:

rsync   --archive               \
        --recursive             \
        --stats                 \
        --compress              \
        --verbose               \
        --delete                \
        --delete-excluded       \
        --links                 \
        --hard-links            \
        --owner                 \
        --group                 \
        --devices               \
        --times                 \
        --sparse                \
        --partial               \
        --force                 \
        --numeric-ids           \
        ${RSYNC_EXCLUDE}        \
        "root@${1}:/"           \

Note: $1 is a machine name, and RSYNC_RSH=ssh.

I think '--preserve-server-atime' would be a nice additional feature,
and I tend to implement it on monday or so. I haven't yet looked at the
source, so there may be already a solution to this problem. If you think
this is a nice feature, please give some response...


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