pruning old files

Shinichi Maruyama marya at
Tue Oct 22 03:11:00 EST 2002

bhards> > 	--exclude-older=SECONDs
bhards> > 		exclude files older than SECONDs before
bhards> Define "older"?
bhards> Do you mean atime, mtime or ctime?

I think mtime is natural like traditional find's -newer or -mtime.
Of course it may good to be able to specify them, if someone needs it.

bhards> > 	--ignore-older=SECONDs
bhards> > 		ignore any operations with the files older than
bhards> > 		SECONDs before
bhards> > 		differ from --exclude-olders, these files are not
bhards> > 		affected from --include files or --delete-excluded
bhards> Same here. What does "operations" mean?

I mean compare or delete operations.
I think --exclude-older option is for adding the files to exclude list
like --exclude pattern match does. And affected from --include,
--delete-excluded options.
While --ignore-older files not affected. It ignores and keep them.
Isn't it effective to speed up rsync process ?

Think of the case of periodicaly rsyncing traditional news spool or
large Mailing List archives. And server/client expiring policy is

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