"hosts allow" on cygwin

bart.coninckx at sita.be bart.coninckx at sita.be
Sun Oct 20 13:03:00 EST 2002

Hi all,

I've just experimented with the "hosts allow" option for rsync running on
Cygwin on Win2K. I first did a reversed lookup for that the particular host
and filled the result in in rsyncd.conf, like this:

comment CON_FS1
path = /cygdrive/d/backup/con_fs1
read only = no
list = yes
hosts allow = conns01.watco.be

The result is an "access denied" for that particular host. Filling in the
IP-address works though.

Is there an issue with reversed lookups and Cygwin I should be aware of?

Thx already!


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