rsyncd treats symlinks differently

Karl Wieman kwieman at
Wed Oct 16 19:55:08 EST 2002

I have an administrative server that I use to rsync data between two
hosts.  It has root access to our fileserver but does not mount
directories using the same paths as a client machine.  In some
directories I have symbolic links that are invalid on the admin server,
but valid on a client (due to automounter magic).  When I use command
line rsync, all is well.  When I converted to using rsyncd, all my
symbolic links lose their leading slashes.

I am using version 2.4.6 and my rsyncd.conf is as follows:

        path = /
        read only = false
        uid = 0
        gid = 1
        use chroot = false
        list = false
        hosts allow =
        transfer logging = true

The command I am using is:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -auv --delete --exclude old
/applications/ny_dev_apps01/dir/ RemHost::nysync/ny_fre01/local/dir/

Help ?

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