rsync server incorrect link creation

Kirby Bakken kirbyb at
Tue Oct 15 16:20:43 EST 2002

I MAY have found an rsync bug.....  I'm running rsync version 2.5.5 on
Redhat linux 7.2.  I have a symlink that was created as:

ln -s /foo/bar/filename .

When rsync is run 'locally' (i.e. rsync -lrt --delete /foo/bar/filename
/dir1/dir2/dir3)  It correctly creates the symlink in dir3.  When runing an
rsync daemon
(i.e. rsync -lrt --delete /foo/bar/filename systemname::key/dir3) It strips
off the leading slash in the sym-link.

My rsync.conf file looks like this:

use chroot = no
pid file = /etc/
log file = /etc/rsyncd.log

      path = /afs/dir1/dir2
      read only = 0

I've tried adding a slash at the end of the path....  the rsync daemon
still strips the leading slash when (re) creating the sym-link....  I have
the source and will see if I can figure out the problem as I have time.

Kirby Bakken
ESW Build Architect
Rochester, MN
email: kirbyb at
507-253-4549 / Tie:  553-4549
Fax:  507-253-3495 more straw can't possibly matter....

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