Problem with checksum failing on large files

Terry Reed twreed at
Mon Oct 14 19:39:00 EST 2002

> Would you mind trying the following?  Build a new rsync (on both
> sides, of course) with the initial csum_length set to, say 4,
> instead of 2?  You will need to change it in two places in
> checksum.c; an untested patch is below.  Note that this test
> version is not compatible with standard rsync, so be sure to
> remove the executables once you try them.
> Craig

I changed csum_length=2 to csum_length=4 in checksum.c & this time rsync
worked on the first pass for a 2.7 GB file.  

I'm assuming that this change forced rsync to use a longer checksum length
on the first pass, what checksum was actually used?

Here is the verbose output:

opening connection using ssh -l twr4321
/home/twr4321/rsync-src/rsync-2.5.5-mod/rsync --server --sender -vvvlogDtpr
. /rsync.guest/SUBMcopy.txt.7 

receiving file list ... 
server_sender starting pid=67130 
expand file_list to 4000 bytes, did move 
received 1 names 
1 file to consider 
recv_file_list done 
get_local_name count=1 SUBMcopy.txt.7 
recv_files(1) starting 
generator starting pid=8128 count=1 
send_file_list done 
send_files starting 
sending sums for 0 
generate_files phase=1 
send_files mapped /rsync.guest/SUBMcopy.txt.7 of size 2715101559 
recv mapped SUBMcopy.txt.7 of size 2710310258 
calling match_sums /rsync.guest/SUBMcopy.txt.7 
built hash table 
hash search b=16384 len=2715101559 

<"match at" lines snipped> 
2715101559 100%    2.31MB/s    0:18:39 
done hash search 
sending file_sum 
got file_sum 
renaming .SUBMcopy.txt.7._iaq4p to SUBMcopy.txt.7 
set modtime of SUBMcopy.txt.7 to (1032979931) Wed Sep 25 11:52:11 2002 
false_alarms=188029 tag_hits=661854315 matches=121690 
sender finished /rsync.guest/SUBMcopy.txt.7 
recv_files phase=1 
send_files phase=1 
generate_files phase=2 
send files finished 
total: matches=121690  tag_hits=661854315  false_alarms=188029
recv_files finished 

Number of files: 1 
Number of files transferred: 1 
Total file size: 2715101559 bytes 
Total transferred file size: 2715101559 bytes 
Literal data: 721332599 bytes 
Matched data: 1993768960 bytes 
File list size: 79 
Total bytes written: 1323432 
Total bytes read: 730229860 

wrote 1323432 bytes  read 730229860 bytes  576253.90 bytes/sec 
total size is 2715101559  speedup is 3.71 
_exit_cleanup(code=255, file=main.c, line=925): about to call exit(255



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