Problem with checksum failing on large files

Derek Simkowiak dereks at
Sat Oct 12 18:13:01 EST 2002

> My theory is that this is expected behavior given the check sum size.

	Excellent analysis!

	Assuming your hypothesis is correct, I like the adaptive checksum
idea.  But how much extra processor overhead is there with a larger
checksum bit size?  Is it worth the extra code and testing to use an
adaptive algorithm?

	I'd be more inclined to say "This ain't the 90's anymore", realize
that overall filesizes have increased (MP3, MS-Office, CD-R .iso, and DV)
and that people are moving from dialup to DSL/Cable, and then make either
the default (a) initial checksum size, or (b) block size, a bit larger.

	Terry, can you try his test (and also the -c option) and post


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