Value too large for defined data type

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Jeff:  I found that problem in our Sun systems.  It's commonly called the 
mtime bug.  Times are stored as a signed 32-bit integer.  The high bit is 
supposed to be disregarded by clients, and can be used for some purposes 
by the OS.  I think it's usually used for something called "exclusive 
create".  Anyway, we applied the patch on our solaris systems, and it 
didn't go away. The way we got around it was to specify mounting via NFS2 
instead of NFS3.  If I misunderstand you, and it's not an NFS mount, sorry 
for the irrelevance.

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                 I am just starting to use rsync and now have an rsync 
server set up
to back up our
various machines. I recently started getting an error that is confusing 
I can't find info
documented on it. I searched the news group and found it mentioned but no
solution yet.

I get the error when sync'ing from a Solaris 8 machine to my Solaris 8

stat space/sunpci/drives/ 
Value too large for defined data type
stat space/sunpci/drives/ : Value 
large for defined data type

I also see the same error going from our IRIX 6.5.15 machine, and the 
is seen on a directory
vs a file:
stat apps1/fsdev.cliff/jleuschner/phoenix/ver_2.1.0B57/phtm/ver : Value 
large for defined data type
stat apps1/fsdev.cliff/jleuschner/phoenix/ver_2.1.0B57/phtm/ver/CVS : 
too large for defined data type

Any ideas as to why this is occurring and what I can do to get around 
I appears that the
file gets sync'd anyway. In addition the files vary in sizes, some of 
do not appear
to be too large.



Jeff Leuschner
ADIC/Sr Software Engineer
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