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Fri Oct 4 09:13:00 EST 2002

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>Can anybody please help me in configuring RSYNC to copy files from

         Here's one way, there's always some others:

         Create a share in each machine, one readable from the source one 
and one read/writable on the destination one.

         Mount the two shares (both source and destination) in separate 
directories with samba (mount -t smbfs -o username=something,password=xxxxx 
//pc/share /directory)

         Assuming the source directory is "src" and destination is "dest", 
just execute rsync like this (merely an example, adjust parameters 
according to your own needs):

         rsync -WtrL --modify-window=2 --delete --stats --delete-after 
/src/ /dest

         IMPORTANT NOTE: the --modify-window=2 switch adds a 2-second 
window to the file time verification done by rsync. Either by smbclient or 
rsync's fault, when copying files to mounted windows shares, without at 
least a 1-second window, rsync copies some files already on the destination 
machine in the same form.  If some maintainer is reading this, please take 
note of the bug (feature?)

         Bruno Ferreira

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