rsync 2.5.5 segmentation fault on Linux x86.

David Bigagli -Bokis- david.bigagli at
Tue Oct 1 20:55:01 EST 2002

Did you have a look at the core file? Building unstripped rsycn and then
debug the core should give you some ideas. The large number you are
getting may be caused by memory corruption.

> Usually it's pretty obvious which environment variable is the problem.

I think that you really mean process limits rather then environment
variables. That could be. Some applications do not like having some of
their limit being unlimited especially stack and datasize. The cron job
has its limits most likely different from your interactive shell. So one
thing to try is to set the limits in the cron job the same as your shell

I would first type 'limit' under csh or tcsh. Then in a simple
script set the same limits, all of them, just before the rsync command
itself and submit the script to cron.


On 1 Oct 2002, Erik Enge wrote:

> Paul Haas <paulh at> writes:
> > Then I run it once interactively and once through cron and compare stuff.
> > 
> > Usually it's pretty obvious which environment variable is the problem.
> I also noticed in the logs that rsync exists with "exit code 12":
>   Oct  1 01:31:59 backup-server inetd[1282]: pid 1935: exit status 12
>   Oct  1 02:06:37 backup-server rsyncd[1936]: wrote 32 bytes  read 831588069 bytes  total
>    size 36516321121 
> Does that tell us anything more of what might be the problem?
> Erik.
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