rsync 2.5.5 segmentation fault on Linux x86.

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Tue Oct 1 19:59:00 EST 2002

Erik:  One more thing to try:  redirect in /dev/null to the rsync command. 
 At one time, at least, its behaviour was different based on the nature of 
its STDIN.  Make sure STDERR and STDIN are redirected somewhere, too... 
either a file or null.
Some programs test their STDIO to see what environment they're running in, 
and may do something unexpected if they see what appears to be a socket, 
for instance(as is the case with some implementations of cron).
I've run into a few other things that didn't want to run from cron until I 
overrode STDIO. 

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Paul Haas <paulh at> writes:

> Then I run it once interactively and once through cron and compare 
> Usually it's pretty obvious which environment variable is the problem.

I also noticed in the logs that rsync exists with "exit code 12":

  Oct  1 01:31:59 backup-server inetd[1282]: pid 1935: exit status 12
  Oct  1 02:06:37 backup-server rsyncd[1936]: wrote 32 bytes  read 
831588069 bytes  total
   size 36516321121 

Does that tell us anything more of what might be the problem?

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