Rsync service on Win2k?

Max Bowsher maxb at
Fri Nov 29 17:53:00 EST 2002

John Morgan Salomon <john at> wrote:

> I'm hoping someone could give me a quick tip or two on getting rsync
> working as a Win2k service.  I'm not real proficient with Win2k, so
>  be gentle. The posts I could
> find in the archive all seeem to have gotten past this basic problem!
> I've installed the latest Cygwin, as well as the Cygwin rsync package.
> cygrunsrv -I "rsyncd" -d "Rsync daemon" -p /usr/bin/rsync.exe -a
> "--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon"
> installs the service;  rsyncd.exe --config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon
> runs it from a bash shell,
> but I can't seem to start it either using cygrunsrv -S "rsyncd", or
> from the Services manager.
> I've also tried with --no-detach and -e CYGWIN='binmode tty ntsec' on
> the cygrunsrv command line,
> as described at
> Lastly, I tried getting it running via srvany.exe (from the Win2k
> resource kit) and srvinstw, with
> even less intelligible output.

cygrunsrv is definitely the way to go, not srvany.

--no-detach is *required*.

--config=/etc/rsyncd.conf should be a no-op, as that is the default path to

Is there any output in /var/log/rsyncd.log ?

Post your rsyncd.conf and the output of "mount -m".


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