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Carlos Molina cmolina at
Thu Nov 28 16:25:00 EST 2002

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I'm trying to make some backups using rsync, but I have some questions 
about it.

First, on the receiving side, i make a test with this line.

rsync -vv -e ssh --recursive --include-from=include.txt  
cmolina at www-01:/ /tmp/cmolina

On include.txt I have.
+ etc
+ home/cmolina/source
+ home/cmolina
+ var/spool
- - dev/
- - home/cmolina/
- - tmp/
- - root/
- - disk2/
- - home/
- - usr/
- - lib/
- - var/
- - bin/
- - boot/
- - dev/
- - etc/
- - floppy/
- - initrd/
- - lost+found
- - proc/
- - opt/
- - sbin/
- - vmlinuz
- - /*

Note that the source path is /.

Well, in resume, I'm trying to bypass the default rsync selection 
mechanism (include all the objects that aren't specified on the list), 
because we want to deny (exclude) all filenames, directories, archives, 
etc, and only permit the files, directories, SUBDIRECTORIES, that we 
specify on a include file.

For example, we want to exclude anything, and only include the following 
directories (and it's contents)


The problem is that rsync rejects to take it, because I have the - home/ 
directive on the include file. The conclusion, rsync takes the exclude/ 
include mechanism recursively. If rsync see that /home is exclude, it 
"marks" this directory and exclude all the /home dir and it's subdirs.

Any one can help me on a rule that permit me exclude anything, but 
permit me the followings dirs (and sub dirs)


On resume, exclude all, but include the specified.

Thanks a lot.

PD: I see a patch on the list that propose to use regexp with rsync. 
Will you include it on the following releases...??
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