Prebuilt binaries for Sparc Solaris2.8

Michael Schmidt mschmidt at
Tue Nov 26 10:45:02 EST 2002


since a few days I'm fascinated by rsync and could successfully build
rsync on the machine I'm the admin of, it was easy to mirror several
sites we are providing on our ftp server.
These few words only for introduction.

Well, as far as I have seen there are no prebuilt binaries for more
actual versions of Solaris than Solaris2.5.1. What I would like to offer
you is that I can provide prebuilt binaries for Solaris2.8.
Are you interested in getting them?

To give you some infos, the operating environment is:
Sun Ultrasparc 64bit-enabled

Which other infos do you want?

I appreciate your feedback.

Have a nice day (and thanks for rsync:-)

Michael Schmidt      mschmidt at
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