FTP at rsync.samba.org down?

wolfe-mcse at ev1.net wolfe-mcse at ev1.net
Mon Nov 25 11:04:00 EST 2002


I downloaded the files, but I know I did not use an FTP client.  I seem to
recall using only my web browser, but the location was someplace other than

I do show that the DNS address for rsync.samba.org,, does have
FTP access.  The FTP list using IP alone goes up to  Just try
ftp.samba.org for access.


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just being fascinated by rsync I wanted to look at the distribution files 
at ftp://rsync.samba.org, but it was not possible to get a ftp connection 
to that address.  Is the ftp service down there?

Thanks in advance for any soon helpful hint.

Have a nice day

Michael  Schmidt                 mschmidt at fh-koblenz.de

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