rsync's internal "virtual file system"

Ben Escoto bescoto at
Sat Nov 23 18:04:02 EST 2002

Hi, I vaguely remember some talk on this list of a virtual file system
of some sort for rsync.  The goal was to handle cases where the file
system on the original side carried information (permissions,
ownership, special file types?) which couldn't be recorded directly
on the receiving side.

    I think the proposal was to record as much of this information as
possible in the receiving side's file system, and record the rest in,
I suppose, special extra files on the receiving end.

    So, what would the format of these files be?  For instance, it
seems that the speed gains from fixed record lengths wouldn't outweigh
the loss of flexibility.  Would XML be overkill?  Thanks for any

Ben Escoto
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