Setting the File/Folder chmod bits - Wish List ?

Leigh Dodd l.s.dodd at
Tue Nov 19 14:33:04 EST 2002

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 11:20:17AM -0000, Leigh Dodd wrote:
>> Is it possible to set the u-g-o bits in a Rsync ?
>> What I want to do is synce files from one machine to another (public
>> machine) so that all the files are READ-ONLY and, of course, the sub
>> Can't find any command line options or rsync.conf settings.
>> Would be nice to have a --chmod-file=xxxx and a --chmod-folder=xxxx
>> option, and with the same type of function in the conf file.

>I think something like this has come up before.  As it is
>you can either bracket the rsync with chmod of the source
>or you can chmod -R a-w destination afterwards.  To confirm,
>i tried playing with umask and a umask of 222 prevented the
>If you choose to chmod the destination i'd suggest not using
>the -p or -a options.
>PS.  In POSIX filesystems we don't have folders.  We have
>directories. And the difference matters :)

Had a play with the chmod -R a-w and it causes all the files to be
Read only but, since I'm using a non-root (sync) account to ssh transfer
the files,
(Paranoid or what :-o.)the next time I try to rsync, the non-root
can't write to the files, of course. Same as your umask 222

Without the -a or -p -o options I get a default rwx,r-x,r-x permissions,
(Umask 022)
owned by the sync account, which I can work with but all the files are
world executable.
chmod -R go-x would work fine on the files but would stop access to the 
sub directories :-) just like umask 033

So one way stops the next rsync from working and the second stops access
to dir's

I don't want to rsync using root.

Still think the easiest way would be to have two options (file + dir

Can I have them added to the wish list please ?


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