Rsync and ssh with passwordless authentifikation

Charles Whittington chw at
Mon Nov 18 16:38:56 EST 2002

I use ssh to tunnel the rsync ports but I think rsync ssh could use the
same technique. You have to start an ssh agent which contains the
passphrase in memory (and therefore is not on the disc anywhere). This
is very well described in O'Reilly SSH The Secure Shell "Snail" book 
pages 374/375.


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Bode, Joerg wrote:

 >Is it possible to konfigure a passwordless authentifikation in kombination
 >with ssh.
 >for example:
 >to a specific folder on a server named server1 has only user1 access.
 >the user1 only exists on server1.
 >server2 wants to replicate a foler from server1 to himself.
 >the rsync process uses the rsync_user, which exists on both machines.
 >the rsync process asks every time the job runs for the password for user1.
 >How can i solve the problem.
 >Is it possible to work with certificates?
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