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Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-02141- at
Fri Nov 15 13:40:59 EST 2002

jw at schultz)  14.11.02 12:41

Once upon a time jw schultz shaped the electrons to say...

>On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 03:01:02PM +0000, Bruno Ferreira wrote:
>>         - Hold its message
>>         - Send an email to that address stating that, once it is not
>>         a
>> subscriber, it must reply to "this" e-mail (which contains some sort
>> of message ID/stamp).
>>         - If it's a real person on the other side, he/she will reply
>>         and
>> the message gets posted. If no reply is obtained for say... 3 days
>> (?) then the original message gets discarded.

>Hmm.  Sounds like an ideal candidate for DoS.  Someone sends
>a pile of large emails and doesn't confirm.  

That can happen always with any mailing system.

Another problem may be, that the confirmation request
maybe sent to a third guy. Mail bombing him.

That's possible too with a "closed list" that tells
only the envelope-from that it is "closed".

There is no free lunch...


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