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Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-02141- at
Thu Nov 14 16:56:01 EST 2002

blueroom at Ferreira)  14.11.02 15:01

Once upon a time Bruno Ferreira shaped the electrons to say...

>At 12:42 14-11-2002 +0100, you wrote:
>>I was surprised that the list seems to be "open",
>>that i can post with an other eMail address i'm subscribed with.
>>Many other lists are "closed", only "subscribers" can post
>>on them, making spaming much more difficult.
>>On those "closed" lists i have 2 accounts, to avoid
>>getting non-list emails (mostly spam) to my list account
>>or that address into spamers database.
>>One address only for the mails from the list,
>>and one addresse i use to post to the list.
>>To avoid getting the list twice that "post only" account
>>is in "vacancy" for the next 10000 days (there is a year 2036
>>problem at least in "listar"...).

>         I was about to suggest exactly this. A good example is the
>PHP-doc mailing list (if I can recall), that uses a simple method: if
>the posting e-mail is not a subscriber, then:

>         - Hold its message
>         - Send an email to that address stating that, once it is not
>a subscriber, it must reply to "this" e-mail (which contains some sort
>of message ID/stamp).
>         - If it's a real person on the other side, he/she will reply
>and the message gets posted. If no reply is obtained for say... 3 days
>(?) then the original message gets discarded.

...or the poster misstyped his eMail addresse (yes, been there)

So the "list owner" should see thru (after spam filtering) the
remaining messages "on hold".

That would be very nice.

So anybody still can send -welcome- postive or negative 
feed back without beeing forced to subscribe the list.

after three days any kind of spam will be listed of cause in razor or so.

Which list server software does that (all)?

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