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Bruno Ferreira blueroom at
Thu Nov 14 14:55:01 EST 2002

At 12:42 14-11-2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I was surprised that the list seems to be "open",
>that i can post with an other eMail address i'm subscribed with.
>Many other lists are "closed", only "subscribers" can post
>on them, making spaming much more difficult.
>On those "closed" lists i have 2 accounts, to avoid
>getting non-list emails (mostly spam) to my list account
>or that address into spamers database.
>One address only for the mails from the list,
>and one addresse i use to post to the list.
>To avoid getting the list twice that "post only" account
>is in "vacancy" for the next 10000 days (there is a year 2036
>problem at least in "listar"...).

         I was about to suggest exactly this. A good example is the PHP-doc 
mailing list (if I can recall), that uses a simple method: if the posting 
e-mail is not a subscriber, then:

         - Hold its message
         - Send an email to that address stating that, once it is not a 
subscriber, it must reply to "this" e-mail (which contains some sort of 
message ID/stamp).
         - If it's a real person on the other side, he/she will reply and 
the message gets posted. If no reply is obtained for say... 3 days (?) then 
the original message gets discarded.

         Bruno Ferreira

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