getaddrinfo: Host not found problem

Randy Kasha rkasha at
Wed Nov 13 20:10:01 EST 2002

Tim: The rsync client is on an AIX 4.3.3 pwr3 platform (this is where I am having
the problem with the "Host not found"). Your recommendations would only apply to a
Linux platform (I think). Although the rsync server is running on a Linux
platform, the rsync client never actually contacts it (I get the same error
message whether the server is running or not).

Any other ideas?

Thanks for replying.


> Randy:  I suspect it's running chrooted, and can't see the necessary items
> to resolve names.  Fastest is to turn off chroot.  You may be able to get
> by with just turning off "hosts allow" and/or "hosts deny".  It seems that
> maybe an /etc in the root of the module will take care of it, or so i
> think i remember reading.
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> Hello,
> I am trying to use rsync  (version 2.5.5) in a server client
> model to distribute software files. When I kick off the
> rsync client on an AIX 4.3.3 pwr3 platform (machine grp4c),
> I get the following error message. We are in a real bind to
> get this protocol going; any help/insight/suggestions would
> be "greatly" appreciated.
>    rsync: getaddrinfo: grp4c 873: Host not found
>    rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at
> ../clientserver.c(97)
>    _exit_cleanup(code=10, file=../clientserver.c, line=97):
> about to call exit(10)
> I can rsh/ping/telnet to grp4c (the server machine - linux)
> from the AIX client machine with no problems. The rsync
> client never actually contacts the server at all (when I
> stop the server on grp4c, I get exactly the same message on
> the client).
> Thanks.
> Randy
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