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uwp at dicke-aersche.de uwp at dicke-aersche.de
Tue Nov 12 10:27:02 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, I've been saying:

> But why does it only happen with rsync ?

Ok, the last tests with rsync/rsh have shown the following:
(all on the receiving side)

CPU: 100%
Load: 2.5
blocks in: 38000/s
even though nothing get written
(no statistics)
when it starts to write, it goes from 15000 to 32000 blocks in
blockout even has no problems and just writes it down in
58000 - 60000 blocks and has 4 seconds of 0 blocks bo
Funny: rsh only brings also just 12-18 MB/s just like native scp
Effects are equal, it starts at a very high rate
and drops after a while

(BTW: Why are 2 rsync processes running ?)

This whole thing only happens with very big files. If the files are
bigger than 5 or 6 GB (I can't say exactly where the limit is,
but it seems as if it's over the old 2 GB limit, anyway my system
can handle files that big without any problems) this strange thing
happens. When rsync once in this status it never comes back to
a normal status, which means: if the file is completed and the next
file is smaller, the effect is the same, the rate won't go up.


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